Farm Management Options

We offer several different business options to best suite your situation, providing a portion of or all of your agricultural lands management needs.  Our clients choose from the following business options:

  1. Custom Farming.  Cornerstone Farms can provide all or part of your equipment needs for your farming operations.  This allows you to retain control of input costs, management decisions and the marketing of your commodities.   Click here for detailed information regarding Cornerstone Farms Custom Farming Services.
  2. Crop Share Program.  Cornerstone Farms can enter into an agreement in which both parties agree to share a percentage of input costs and gross revenue, yet leave management and equipment needs up to Cornerstone Farms.  The percentage of share is negotiable based upon the landowner’s business objectives and productivity of the land.
  3. Cash Land Rent/Lease.  Cornerstone Farms can provide landowner’s with a cash rent or lease option.  Landowner’s who would like to take the risk and guess work out of their farming may choose to enter into an agreement based upon the amount of acres and productivity potential of their ground.  Cornerstone Farms would pay a cash rent and assume all risk, input costs, daily management tasks, marketing and profit or loss on crops.

Our innovative seed contracts for wheat, barley, canola, and mustard can add additional profits to most operations.

We can customize options and length of contract based upon your situation.  Curious if one of our management or leasing options may improve your bottom line? Give us a call. (541) 398-0166 or (541) 263-0306

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