Custom Farming

Cornerstone Farms provides alternatives for landowners wishing to retain control of their business. Our modern equipment facilitates economical and environmental friendly practices. We continually pursue the best and most cost-effective methods; bringing efficiency to your farm, land or business.

We perform all or some of the machine operations for you.

We offer many pieces to augment your farming needs.   We can provide custom farming services to meet your needs:

  1. Custom direct seeding of your grain or hay crops, CRP ground or conservation/wildlife plantings,
  2. Custom fertilizer application,
  3. Custom haying operations,
  4. Custom harvesting of your crop.
  5. Heavy harrowing
  6. Land Rolling
  7. Planting custom cover crops based on your needs

Cornerstone Farms is also a certified seed warehouse which can assist you in your seed needs. We can provide registered, certified, or common seed grain for your farm.

Contact us so we can help you with your custom farming needs. (541) 398-0166 or (541) 263-0306.

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