Favorite Vidoes

A selection of our favorite videos:

“Have you ever cried over a Superbowl commercial? Well you would have been close had you seen the 2014 Dodge Trucks commercial. Dodge is supposedly contributing money to FFA per the number of hits they receive on this touching commercial.” ~Heather

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”


“Ahhh.  Our four kiddos love this!  They sing it all summer long.”  ~Heather

The Peterson Farm Bros.  “I’m Farming and I grow It.”  (Parody Song)


“Maclane would get up extra early last summer to catch the America’s Heartland episodes on PBS.  Driven by Ag at a young age already.”  ~Heather

Shepherd’s Grain video


“This is a great piece about curbing soil erosion through direct seeding.  Summed up nicely.”  ~Heather

Direct Seeding Association video


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