Here on the farm we enjoy all the seasons, and each one brings unique experiences. Spring is a favorite time of the year as it brings new life to both the plants and animals on the farm, but it is also one of the busiest times of the year. Equipment is brought out of storage and gets a maintenance check before hitting the fields. The spring planting begins the moment we feel the last of the frost has come. Most years we time it right, but sometimes the frost comes again and we are forced to replant. Come the beginning of May we start up the irrigation systems. Everyone has to flushed to wash away any dirt and rocks that have settled in over the winter. Wheel lines are untied from the fenced that kept them from blowing away during the winter storms, and they are rolled out into the fields. The large pivots on the home ranch are started up and the likelihood of getting hit by the end-gun while riding an ATV around the farm returns. The spring sun coaxes plants out of the soil and the farmers are along side to help them grow. Spring is here!

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