Cornerstone Farms, Joint Venture is a multi-generational joint venture in Enterprise, Oregon. Family owned and operated, Cornerstone primarily raises certified seed grains, common grain commodities, oil seed crops, as well as timothy and alfalfa hay.

Cornerstone Farms is a cutting edge ag-enterprise consisting of about 3,800 acres of owned, leased and rented farm ground and is always seeking to expand operations to stay competitive in today’s modern agricultural economy. We use the latest in farm technology because of its economical and environmental benefits.

Cornerstone Farms operates using conservation practices such as precision agriculture, variable rate applications, direct seeding, crop rotation, and cover crops. Our goal for every field includes:  conserving, improving and building soil; reducing runoff and drift; and improving wildlife habitat.

For more information please call Kurt Melville at (541) 398-0166 or Kevin Melville at (541) 263-0306